Calling All Victims of Mark Badman Threats and Harassment

When I published the first article concerning the ILLEGAL harassing and threatening actions of Mark Badman and Central National Fidelity I knew there were going to be others with similar stories.

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Little did I know that Badman has been threatening to destroy people on Social Media unless those people pay him money he claims is owed to his clients. I urge everyone who has been contacted by Mark Badman to file complaints with the Florida Attorney Generals Office. In addition I urge everyone to read the Fair Debt Collect Act and anyone who Mark Badman has left a message saying he is head of Legal at Central National Fidelity to file complaint with the US Department of Justice as his words are meant to imply to unsuspecting individuals that he is an Attorney and he IS not. In fact the Fair Debt Collection Act strictly prohibits Badman from:

  1. Making any statements that can be taken as to imply he is an Attorney;
  2. Making any threats of any kind especially threats to publicly embarrass or attack you over an alleged debt
  3. making any statements to anyone concerning his plans to sue or discuss with anyone the alleged debt owed
  4. contacting you after you have sent him in writing a demand to cease contacting you in any way phone, mail, email, social media etc

If Badman has called you and threatened you please email me your name and contact information and whether or not you would agree to become a member of a class action suit against Mark Badman and Central National Fidelity and it's owner seeing how Badman is engaging in these ILLEGAL acts with full knowledge of his employer and his employer has failed to take required action to end these illegal practices.

By Law Badman is required to provide you written notice that a debt has been placed with him for collection, that notice must list the original creditor, acct number and amount owed. Badman cannot tell you you have to pay him $1500 on a debt he claims was $300. Badman pursuant to both Federal and State Law cannot add hundreds of dollars onto an alleged debt. Badman must in writing state you have the right to dispute the validity of any debt and if you do so in writing Badman has to provide you with written verification of the alleged debt from the original creditor.

20150909_221441Today I received a call from Badman despite his being notified in writing not to call me ever again.Pursuant to the Federal Fair Debt Collection Act Badman and Central National Fidelity were to cease contacting me immediately upon my directing them to stop contacting me in writing which was done in July. The fact that Mark Badman is continuing to contact me despite the fact he is not contracted with anyone to collect any debt because there are no debts owed, is stalking and harassment by him and by Central National Fidelity owners for failing to supervise their employees and insure that their actions are not in violation of the Federal Fair Debt Collection Act and the Florida Fair Debt Collection Act.

Badman seems to think that Erv Friedman is his client. I contacted Erv this afternoon to inquire directly of him if Mark Badman is in any way representing him or his claim. Per Friedman he is not now nor has he ever been a client of Mark Badman or Central National Fidelity and Badman is not to claim otherwise. Per Mr. Friedman he is not privey to what Mark Badman is doing but he assures me Badman is not acting on his behalf in contacting me. Mr. Scott Fretz who is the owner of Central National Fidelity has a legal responsibility and obligation to ensure his employees do not make threats or make any claim that could be taken by another as implying he is an attorney. Mr. Fretz claims he has never heard Badman make any such threats but after the number of calls to me as well as emails I find Mr. Fretz claims to be far from credible.

I have informed Badman this date if he calls me or text me one more time I will pursue a restraining order against him and I will file stalking and harassment charges against him.

Mark Badman is exactly what I figured him to be when I went to a Pre-Trial hearing in Volusia County on 9-3-15. A big mouth in a cheap suit. Badman had the nerve to stand in front of a Judge and claim a Lien was dismissed that was never even filed; he make the outright false claims that I stole someone's equipment despite me having multiple witness and video of the owner picking up the equipment after I out of the kindness of my heart drove it to Daytona after it was left in my house for months. The Judge immediately dismiss Badman from the case where he claimed he was a plaintiff because he had no standing. Badman begged and cried like a little baby when the Judge stated she would have to grant my Motion to Dismiss because the Statement of Claim was unsworn. Despite the Judge explaining that point Badman was so stupid he is begging the Judge saying he corrected the spelling of the parties names. This guy is a bully who is going to be put in his place before all is said and done.

To the individuals who have contacted me by phone and email please email me at if you want to join a class and lets put this man and these practices in their place.

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