White Guilt Comes to the Hood: NJ Hillary workers target Black homes

It was certain to happen sooner or later, but I wish as do most of my neighbors, that it had been later! This after noon a white man and woman went from home to home and their pattern was what caught my attention. They were profiling residents.

Jersey for Hillary comes to Cocoa

Jersey for Hillary comes to Cocoa

Any home that had a Black person seen in the yard or door way served as a magnet for them while they went out of their way to bypass homes with non-white residents. My friend Mr. Ray stopped by and I asked him if the couple was canvassing and he told me they were asking people to visit Hillary's website and if they could register them to vote. They wanted to know if the people voted by mail or in person and if they wanted to vote by mail.

I decided to take my time cleaning out my car just to see if what I had determined was profiling residents was in fact the case. So I continued to clean out my car and after they began to continue walking past me and my house I asked "Out canvassing for Hillary huh?" to which both responded "you bettcha." So I asked, "why haven't I seen the two of you in this neighborhood before?" the man responded with "I am from Jersey." the woman simply didn't answer. So I asked "why did you go to every home that you noticed had Black residents and walk past mine and the other home with a white guy cutting the grass?" Neither had a response for that.

I then decided to give them some advice and said "Instead of coming into the neighborhood from Jersey telling people to let you sign them up for mail in ballots etc... why not ask the community what your candidate has done to enrich their lives in her 32 years of public service.?

Needless to say they continued on their way engaging in racial profiling for Hillary.

I am so sick of Politicians playing race in this election cycle and all those of the past. Black, White, Brown, Yellow or Green if you are going to campaign in a community have the guts to reach out to ALL of the community and not just the part that fits your profile.

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