Constantly Playing Catch-up

Today is Valentines Day aka Feb 14, 2016. Today is the day I had hoped to have my long past due second book completed and available. With all that life has presented me over the last year I have to say I am still playing catch up.

One friend who among others who have waited patiently for When One Man Stands emailed me a few days ago and made a suggestion in the event the book would still be delayed. He suggested that maybe making a PDF copy of the book available to those who have reserved and paid for a signed/numbered copy until the book is published. I am considering that suggestion and want to point out one concern I have with it that would have to be agreed upon. A PDF version could not be distributed to friends or online in anyway prior to the printed edition being released.

I hope to have some time later in the week to address this mater more fully.


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