When Threats & Harassment Fail

Mike1This is published on this site because of the threats made to ruin me on Social Media by Blancato (left) employee and now "Agent" Mark Bachman to demonstrate I am not afraid of what you threaten to post about me on the internet. God knows I don't think you can come up with anything that has not already been tried and God knows I don't take kindly to threats and I sure as hell don't run scare from them.

Mike Blancato photo obtained through FaceBook

Mike Blancato photo obtained through FaceBook

For those who have not read Warning Daytona Beach-Port Orange FL Area Homeowners you will need to in order to understand fully this piece. Today I was awakened by the doorbell ringing with my Mail Carrier standing at the door. Seems Michael Blancato and his employee/agent/ whatever (Bachman first claimed to be head of legal dept at Central National Fidelity, then claimed to be a direct employee of Mike's Handydandy Rent-a-Man and now claims to be "Agent for Company". Remember this is a company that unless Blancato recently paid Volusia County and the City of Port Orange for the business tax certificates/receipts is operating in violation of the law. The Mail Carrier was delivering a certified letter.

When threats and harassment fail I guess you continue your fraudulent ways and try to move forward with a contractor's lien even though you are not a contractor and you have/had no contract.

God I hate all these wannabe biker badasses that think they are something to be feared. (photo courtesy of FaceBook)

God I hate all these wannabe biker badasses that think they are something to be feared. (photo courtesy of FaceBook)

Seems Michael Blancato of Mike's Handydandy Rent-a-man LLC  thinks that I am somehow going to change my position after his attempts to threaten and harass me failed to produce the result he was seeking.  Today I received the following purported Notice to Owner signed by Michael Blancato, and Agent for Company Mark A. Bachman (the threats and text message guy) which is exactly as it was received with the exception of the Social Security number and the address where the claimed work was performed redacted (both for very good reason which will be revealed later).

Blancato_Page_1There comes a time when you have to say enough is enough and be willing to commit whatever time and resources are needed to follow through. That time has come. Not only is the above notice a joke, for them to date it June 29, 2015 and wait Eight days before they mailed it is an even bigger joke.

Blancato envelope

Interestingly enough this was received on the same day that a formal demand for refund was being sent to Blancato on the roof job that almost two years later still has not been repaired and will not be repaired by him now that it is known he is not now, nor has he ever been a licensed/insured contractor in the State of Florida. This is the letter that was mailed to Mr. Blancato this date:

Mail receipt

Demand for Refund Blancato Roof Job_Page_1Demand for Refund Blancato Roof Job_Page_2Since the above letter had not yet been taken to the Post Office before receiving the above purported "Notice to Owner" I decided to respond to the notice and include it in the same certified letter envelope as the demand for refund. Below is the response sent to Blancato and mailed today:

Mike Blancato Response_Page_1Mike Blancato Response_Page_2What is of particular note in the notice received today is that Mark Bachman or Badman (you listen to the voice messages and decide which name he used because it certainly wasn't the name he signed on the above notice) represented himself to be Mark Badman of Central National Fidelity in voice messages claiming an account had been placed with him for collections; then in a later voice message he claimed to be a direct employee of Blancato thereby exempt from State and Federal Fair Credit collections laws, and then on June 29, 2015 signed the above notice as Bachman "Agent for Company", so which is it???

I will not be ripped off, threatened, harassed by anyone and not fight back. I will not sit back and watch people be taken by Blancato where he, his son and nephews are performing construction work on peoples homes that they are not licensed to perform, that they do not complete, they do not perform correctly and where permits are not properly obtained and not say anything.

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