When Life Takes Over: Trying to Balance it all


Hibiscus planted March 27, 2015

It has been a while since I have posted anything and/or updated the status of my notoriously late second book When One Man Stands. My absence from posting however has been solely because life has taken my time and I find myself struggling with finding time to write and opine.

The same Hibiscus Oct 21, 2015

The same Hibiscus Oct 21, 2015

A few months ago I published There Is More to Life than Sound Bites taking you through the continuing developments in the home I decided to take on as a challenge for myself. The house has been in a constant state of construction since obtaining the permit on January 12, 2015. While great progress has been made in this labor of love and this challenge of my own abilities, there still remains a bit more before I can proudly announce it's completion. The construction has literally consumed my every waking moment and I am almost at the one year anniversary and I still have two rooms to finish hanging drywall and installing flooring. The entire house still needs to have the drywall taped and textured before I can begin to paint but more has been accomplished than remains to be completed.


Before front Bedroom



After front Bedroom



In this process I have reaffirmed my belief that there is nothing I cannot do or teach myself to do when I set my mind to it. No one, not even I, would have thought a year ago that I would wire an entire homes electrical using the proper wire gauge, breakers, outlets, switches, light-boxes etc by simply deciding I would do it;  and pass inspection the first try! Never mind I have never wired a panel box before in my life.


Before (former) Living-room now Dinning room



After (now) formal dinning room



I didn't have the time to sit down and study so I just used common sense and went for it. A year ago no one, not even I, would have thought I would insulate a house (walls and ceilings) in accordance to code without any prior experience but I did. From hanging drywall to mudding joints, to installing plumbing and being in full compliance with building codes this last 10 months has been an adventure no one would have dreamed I would take on ten months earlier.

Before unfinished enclosed porch (now Living room)



After (now-currently) Living room



Before back yard



After (now) back yard



Before Utility room



After (now) Utility room



Before bathroom



After (currently still work to complete) Bathroom



Before (Master bedroom)



After (currently) Master bedroom



Before (Front of house)



After (Now currently) Front of house



Writing this I can't help to feel a true sense of pride in what I have accomplished with my own hands and mind in the past ten months. While it has taken it's toll on me physically as in all that I take on, I am still standing (if only slightly less straight than normal).

In the process of being so occupied with the house I have not been able to put much time into finishing and releasing of my long overdue second book When One Man Stands. That is about to change seeing as we are upon yet another election year and so many of you who have pre-ordered your copies have sat patiently awaiting this book. I am working on having the book finished and released by February 14, 2016.

Election 2016

(Note: This was written before Joe Biden made his Rose Garden announcement. In fact th

Many have emailed me asking why I have been so docile on the upcoming election and the candidates who have thrown their hats & wigs into the ring. In response to that I honestly do not find that despite all we have experienced and gone through in the past eight years anything having changed in the candidates or the process. In fact one thing that has really turned me off with some on the conservative side is their mutating into the 2016 version of the 2008 Obots. See in 2008 anyone who dare speak out against or question then candidate Obama was subjected to attack, harassment, threats and ridicule. I have sat back and watched how those who claim to support the Constitution who support Trump do the same thing the 2008 Obots did when anyone dare question Trump, his actions or his statements. Trump has indeed turned the GOP upside down and I for one do not necessarily believe that to be a bad thing. However, Trump must just like any other candidate be willing to put out his actual policy plans and stop with just the "Make America Great Again," rhetoric. Stop for a moment and think back to 2008 and the constant "Yes We Can," without any substance and specifics; people say these Eight years have been the worse in history yet many are already looking to do in 2016 what was done in 2008 and elect someone based on a 3 or 4 word battle cry.

The GOP has demonstrated this year that they too are capable of playing by the same play book of the Democratic National Committee. By freezing out candidates who challenge the parties choice, by withholding money and by attacks from all angles. This is not going to help defeat the Democratic Nominee who will be Hillary Clinton regardless of who does or does not jump into the race.

Joe Biden and the talk of him challenging Hillary at the deathbed request of his corrupt son former Delaware AG Beau Biden is nothing more than media fodder. Have you heard a single reporter ask Biden outright if he was considering a 2016 run? Biden will not get in the 2016 race and I will tell you why. It's simple: Does Biden go out with his legacy being (in his eyes anyway) one of accomplishment or does he enter the 2016 Democratic Presidential race and allow Hillary Clinton and the Clinton machine to destroy his legacy by leaking actual actions Biden was or was not involved in at the White House as VP? Biden like his son Beau is a man all too consumed with how he is seen by others, Joe Biden (at least in his own mind) has a true legacy he can fall back on for the rest of his life that is seen as one of great accomplishment by uninformed union thugs and Planned Parenthood staffers.

As for who I will endorse or support in 2016: Honestly I have not made a decision. I will say to the surprise of many that even today I still like former Senator Rick Santorum. Whether you like it or not Santorum has demonstrated he is willing to be upfront and honest on his positions and beliefs regardless of political blow-back or running the risk of not gaining support of certain groups. If we really were concerned with honesty and directness by a candidate then Santorum would be that candidate. With that said I have not yet made a decision as to who I will endorse or support in 2016 but I do know who I will not support or endorse and that's former FL Gov Charlie Crist who announced yesterday he is running for the US House as a democrat.

Local Involvement

If I had to pick one lesson learned from the past Eight years of covering politics and Politicians and movements to implement in my own life it would have to be the "Get Local." Libertarians have for years urged people to get involved in your local Government from the School Board, City Council, County Commission etc if you want to bring about change that affects you. I have taken the lessons learned and begun to do just that. We need to understand that most of the laws that affect us on a daily basis and most of the actual taxes we pay are the result of local ordinances and codes.

I have become very active in Cocoa and will be hosting a Community Meeting and Neighborhood Watch organizing event on October 29, 2015. I have seen first hand how a neighborhood has been taken over and stripped on an almost daily basis.

In the past week I have walked through the entire subdivision knocking on every door inviting every neighbor to the upcoming event. Like me many of my neighbor's understand that we are the ones who will determine whether we take back our neighborhood and bring pride back into one of Cocoa's oldest subdivisions or whether we sit back and let a few continue to strip, scrap and steal everything they wish.

Going to every City Council meeting, reading every tax proposal and city development plan can make you a much more informed citizen and voter. Get involved locally and effect change from the bottom up.

So now you know, I am not dis-interested in the upcoming election or current events; I like so many others have simply had life take center stage and most of my time. When One Man Stands will be completed and released before election day and before many of the Presidential primaries. I will continue to work on completing my house and will continue to be involved and active in my City and community.

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