Warning Daytona Beach-Port Orange FL Area Homeowners

Correction: The individual who left the voice messages and sent the text messages and claimed to be employed my Mike Blancato is Mark A. Bachman

Updated June 30, 2015 @ 11:02AM Update in bold at bottom of article

Mike Blancato Photo from Face Book

Mike Blancato Photo from Face Book

Normally if I have a bad experience with an individual or alleged contractor I simply do not recommend them to anyone, but this particular experience warrants warning any and all homeowners in the Daytona Beach-Port Orange, Florida area. Anytime someone starts threatening you and your home, who threatens to destroy you on Social Media then you have to respond and fight back. Mike Blancato was called as was his son Micky on Saturday June 27, 2015 asking if a man claiming to be representing Mike was hired by Mike. Micky claimed he knew nothing about it and Mike being the coward that he is refused to answer my call but within a minute of me leaving him a voice message I got a text from this Mark Badman Bachman claiming I was calling harassing and threatening his client.

In working to get my home in Cocoa finished to where it is livable in a reasonable comfort level I contacted Mike Blancato (at the urging of his daughter-in-law) who I knew and had in the past paid to do some work on the property in Holly Hill which he did really shitty and took forever to get it done despite my partner paying him half up front.

Photo taken from Face Book

Photo taken from Face Book

Despite this I did call Mike and he came down to Cocoa with his son Micky (right) and his nephew who he had been employing and paying under the table to avoid the nephew being subject to losing his disability benefits (this is something that turns out has been a regular practice of Blancato). Mike quoted me a price of $200 ea to hang and tape drywall in the bedroom and family-room and $300 for both the back bedroom and kitchen or a total of $700 to hang and tape all four rooms. The agreement was that payment would be made upon completion of the job and the job would start on that Thursday and be finished by the first of the following week. As has been the habit of Blancato he didn't show on the date he was supposed to start and then said he would be here that Saturday only to not show up and he finally showed up that Monday. Mike, his son Micky and his nephew set up staging gear in the master bedroom and began to hang drywall. The Master bedroom drywall was hung and they were supposed to be back the next day to start the family-room and start taping the master bedroom. They didn't return for more than 3 weeks. The staging gear was sitting in my master bedroom for almost two months before I drove it to them in Daytona Beach. Micky and another of Mike's nephews showed up after more than 3 weeks and got the drywall hung in the family-room and a portion in the back bedroom ceiling. Mike who supposedly is the taper didn't come. Just before Micky got ready to leave he said his dad (Mike) said he was supposed to pick up a check from me. That was never the case and I called Mike and told him that was not our deal. Micky then told me that I owed $280 for the master bedroom (the agreed upon price before the work started was $200) and $336 for the family-room (again the agreed upon price was $200 for hanging and taping). Mike and Micky both decided that they were not going to finish the job as agreed and the work that was done costs me money in having to reschedule contractors I had contracts with because Mike never showed up to get the job done. In addition Mike and Micky told me they don't pre-mark or cut for windows, outlet boxes etc and if you look at how the windows were cut in you would say they should pre-mark and cut.

Mike's handydandy_Page_1Mike or Michael Blancato is the owner of Mike's Handydandy Rent-a-Man LLC which currently is listed as being inactive by the Florida State Division of Corporations for failure to file annual report and according to the Volusia County Tax office is operating without a valid Volusia County Business Tax certificate for failure to pay the required fee.Despite Mike claiming he is a Licensed contractor I have found no evidence of a contractor's license in the State of Florida; he does not hold the required Volusia County Business Tax Certificate; his Business registration with the State of Florida has been made inactive for failure to file annual report and he is doing work on peoples Mobile Homes in Port Orange Florida without the required permits and inspections. In addition it is believed (I am awaiting confirmation from the City of Port Orange Business License & Tax Certificates) that Blancato is operating a home based business without the required license and Business Tax Receipt from the City of Port Orange. With the filing with the State of Florida listing his home address as his business address it would also appear that Blancato is in violation of the Home Owners Association and Equity Lifestyles Rules concerning operating a business from within the community.

Mike's handydandy_Page_2Detail by Entity Name

Florida Limited Liability Company

Filing Information


Principal Address


Mailing Address

Registered Agent Name & Address


Authorized Person(s) Detail

Name & Address





Annual Reports

No Annual Reports Filed


In addition to the above information I note that Blancato has no Employer or Federal Tax Identification number filed which raises the question how he is withholding and paying Federal Income Tax, Social Security Tax and Medicare taxes of his employees?

At 6am on May 18, 2015 I got this private message on FB from Colleen Blancato, Mike's wife:

"Hey Larry. I think it is about time that you pay Mike and Mickey. you seem to be dodging them and I feel that is not right so I think that you should call Mike and pay then today...I was willing to pay you up front for your services and we thought that in good faith you would pay the guys. Colleen"

I sent the following to Colleen:

"Collen, no one has been dodging anyone. I have told Mike up front that I was collecting on what is owed me so that I can get him paid. Every time I have been called if I could not answer I returned the call. I also thought we had an understanding of payment on completion but was made aware that was not the case the last day Micky came down. I will get them paid for what has been done and I will have the job finished by someone else.
Interesting how if I can't answer a call I am dodging, yet I was put off over and over again and didn't say a word. Mike knows I have always paid him for everything he has ever done for me."

On Saturday June 27, 2015 at 12:38PM a man claiming to be a Mark Badman Bachman of Central National Fidelity called my home phone and left this message June 27 Voice Mail when he couldn't catch me at home he started calling my cell phone which when I answered he started cursing me out telling me he will hurt me and he is going to file a lien on my home and foreclose on it 15 days later and that I owed Mike Blancato $616.00 but then sends me a text message saying I owe $1020.

Today I woke to a voice message on my cell phone from this alleged Mark Badman Bachman from the number 407-600-3430 (which is a Boost Mobile prepaid phone) telling me that he is an employee of Mike Blancato and as such, laws regulating debt collectors did not apply to him. June 29 voice message

Here is a video with the two different voice messages (note on Saturday this idiot almost gave his real Daytona Beach phone number before catching himself and leaving the Boost Mobile prepaid burn phone number with the Orlando area code) along with photos of the text messages. (Boost Moible has been contacted concerning the use of their service for threatening and harassing phone calls)

Do not threaten me, do not tell me your are going to hurt me, do not tell me you are going to do something to my house and do not threaten to destroy me on Social Media and think I am going to sit back and let you do it unchallenged.


Updated June 30, 2015 @ 11:02AM

An update on this piece.

Per the City of Port Orange, Mike's Handydandy Rent-A-Man LLC does not have an active valid business license to perform any work in the City of Port Orange and has not had a valid business license as of October 1, 2014.

After careful review of all City and County records Mike's Handydandy Rent-a-man LLC operated from the filing of his business registration January 9, 2013 through June 4, 2014 without a valid business license and then obtained a Port Orange City business license from June 4, 2014 until it expired on September 30, 2014. He has been operating since October 1, 2014 without a license from Port Orange and has been operating in Volusia County since filing in January 2013 without a valid County License. This means the estimate and job he perform in November 2013 claiming to be a licensed/insured contractor was in fact fraudulent and explains why he has to this day failed to fix the still leaking roof.

Per both the City of Port Orange and the County of Volusia recommendations I have forwarded all of this information to the State of Florida's Department of Business and Professional Regulation for further action.

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