US Postal Service Priority Mail Nothing but THEFT

The United States Postal Service has for years been operating at a loss and Tax Payers have continued to bail them out despite the Postal Services cutting back on services and the delivery times for First Class and other mail services. Today if you take an item into the Post Office the first thing they try to do is get you to pay for Priority Mail and they even go so far as to tell you the delivery date the item will arrive. I use the Postal Service's Click-n-Ship services (which by the way will only allow you to ship Priority or Express) and when I print the label the label very clearly tells you whether it is a one day, two day or 3 day delivery.

priority labels_Page_1 priority labels_Page_2 priority labels_Page_3When I print labels I schedule pick-ups for the items. The Letter Carrier is actually paid extra money for scheduled Priority Maill pick-ups regardless if they properly scan the items upon pick-up and whether they actually make the pick-up or not as long as they scan a piece of paper with them saying they made the pick-up.

Monday I had two Priority Mail pieces scheduled for pick-up. I received an email around noon telling me the pick-up was successful but when I went to track them, I was given nothing other than a postal service generated notice that pre-shipment info was sent to them on Aug 24, 2015 despite that info being sent to them on Aug 22, 2015 as clearly shown below:

pick-up scheduled

Now look at the Label info date printed, paid etc.

labelinfo1labelinfo2Despite the fact that the Postal Service sent me an email on Monday August 24, 2015 informing me the items had been picked up on that date at 10:25AM, if you look at the acceptance info on the history it says they were accepted on August 25, 2015 at 9:36PM and had only left the Cocoa Post Office a full 36 hours after they were picked up. I have video of the carrier picking them up at 10:20AM Monday August 24, 2015. When I was still getting that "Pre-shipment info sent by sender"  on Tuesday and the date changed on that from 8-22-15 to 8-24-15 I was planning on stopping at Post Office Wed morning. On Wed August 26, 2015 I get an email saying , well you read them for yourself.


Please note that while the Post Office changed the date of the pre-shipment notice from 8-22-15 to 8-24-15 note the date of email request for email tracking updates: August 23, 2015. How in hell could I request email tracking updates on and item before the label was paid for and printed and the pre-shipment info sent to the Postal Service??? I can't.

826151826152I stop at the Post Office Wednesday morning and wait 45 minutes for a supervisor who preceeded to tell me that the Postal Service information was simply not true, that no mail sits in that Post Office overnight and no one is at that Post Office at 9:36PM to accept anything much less anything depart from it. I explained to her these items were 2 Day Priority Deliveries and she told me, "thats not a guarantee and it is nothing more than a projected delivery." I told her then the Postal Service needs to stop printing on the Label it is a 1, 2 or 3 day delivery and the clerks need to stop telling people to pay for Priority Mail and it will be delivered by a certain date.

So I expect the items to make it to Ohio and be delivered yesterday right? Wrong. Turns out only one of the two items made it to Ohio according to the Postal Service and it only made it there last night at 11:23PM.

828151The Insured item still shows nothing more than it departed the Orlando Facility on Aug 26, 2015.

trackingBut it gets better still. The one that made it to Ohio claims it was delivered today only the person who was supposed to receive it didn't!

828152828153828154So now here it is Friday night at almost 10PM and two Priority Mail items that were to be delivered on August 26, 2015 still despite claims to the contrary by the Postal Service have not been delivered.

What the Carrier failed to do when he picked them up Monday morning was scan each item label like he is supposed to do. But as far as the supervisor is concerned, she says "tough."

Folks it's time that we all stop using the United States Postal Service for anything. They take your money, they do not honor the insurance you pay for to ensure a safe delivery and while they tell you if you pay for Priority Mail it will be delivered on a certain day though that simply is not the case, it is a bold faced lie and it amounts to deceptive advertising practices which I am seriously considering taking the Postal Service to task for.

I could have paid far less money on shipping these items and they would have been delivered at the same time or maybe even sooner than the Priority Mail has been.

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