One Year Later, NAACP & Race Baiters Refuse to Acknowledge Truth in Mike Brown Shooting

6683418-3x2-700x467Yesterday marked the One year anniversary since Ferguson, MO THUG Michael Brown was shot and killed by Officer Wilson. Despite the facts making clear Michael Brown had just moments earlier assaulted a store owner in his strong arm robbery of cigarillos to roll his blunts with, and despite the facts making it clear Mike Brown had in fact assaulted Officer Wilson and was not surrendering with his hands up, activists and the family of Michael Brown took to the streets in Ferguson, MO to call for Justice for Mike Brown.

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You see marchers wearing shirts with Mike Browns picture wearing his cap and gown and his innocent picture wearing head phones but you don't see anyone marching with the picture of Brown assaulting the store owner. You don't see pictures of Mike Brown reaching into the Police Car and grabbing at Officer Wilson's gun.

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We live in a time where the truth and the facts make no difference at all and where the media assist in portraying a narrative that is meant to fit ones position not based on facts, but on what the group wants people to believe. Reality is no longer what is real, but what one says is real. That is a very scary thing to see.

61da7b30-3c40-11e5-8cb1-c7dead4e5d99_2015-08-03T131526Z_101580436_GF20000010165_RTRMADP_3_FERGUSON-ANNIVERSARY-WIDERIMAGECDespite both the State of MO and the United States Department of Justice clearing Officer Darren Wilson of any wrong doing in the shooting of Michael Brown the NAACP, Black Lives Matter, Al Sharpton and many media outlets who have garnered big ratings promoting the death of Michael Brown as being race related and unjustified force refuse to acknowledge the facts. No one wants to talk about Mike Brown towering over a store clerk thinking he had the right to just take what he wanted without paying for it. No one wants to talk about the Mike Brown who posted photos on FaceBook holding guns and getting high. No one wants to talk about the fact that the claim Mike Brown had his hands up was a lie from the very beginning. In fact yesterday those marching for Mike Brown continue to perpetuate the lies in an effort to make Mike Brown look like a poor innocent victim. Until these groups can hold Mike Brown accountable for Mike Browns actions no one other than those who live to make everything about race, will take the time to listen and will instead dismiss them as just another group wanting to blame everything on everyone else and take no personal responsibility for their own actions at all.

TampaIn Tampa marchers implied that killing cops is appropriate reparations for Mike Browns death.

For the media that covered the One year anniversary yesterday and continued to perpetuate the lies that Mike Brown was killed by a racist white cop for no reason, you will eventually run out of people to tell your lies to as people will eventually realize that life is real and reality is based on facts and actions, not unsubstantiated bullshit.

I sincerely believe Mike Brown Sr. has a difficult time accepting that his son is dead. I do not believe that Brown Sr. is doing himself or his son any favors by continuing to refuse to put Mike Brown Jr's actions at his feet and not continue to portray him as some sweet innocent law abiding citizens when he clearly wasn't.

Black Lives Matter only when it can get a bunch of race baiting idiots some money and publicity. A good example can be seen in this previous article I wrote on a young black teen who was shot and killed by his best friend. Black Lives Matter: Really? Not In Memphis

God help us all if we continue to allow those who have an agenda of their own to portray reality as anything other than the truth and the facts.

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