2016 A Year of Action: Bringing Back Community

As we approach the ringing in of 2016 I have spent many hours thinking about what is most important for me in the coming year. With the current political circus shaping up for the 2016 Presidential elections I have come to believe that we can bring about change not by grabbing hold to 3 and 4 word campaign slogans, but by getting involved on the local City; County and State levels where most of our regulation and taxes are implemented. To make a change in how our Nation conducts business means getting involved at the local level and bringing about change in the very communities we live.

We have allowed many who stake their sole survival on pitting people against each other to use race to push an even bigger wedge of division between us and that has to stop. You are not going to stop it by playing politics or by arguing with those who will always blame everything on racism or those who even today portray Michael Brown as a victim rather than the drug using, bully that he was. Until we can look at things in accordance with the facts and not the hyperbole we will continue to allow a very small minority to dictate how we live our daily lives.

For me 2016 will be a year of ACTION!

ACTION in bringing back a community that has long been overtaken by crime and drugs and a total disregard for others or their property.

ACTION in making a City and it's Police Department take the necessary action in securing a community that has for far too long sat in their homes scared to say or do anything because the Police Department fails to take action.

ACTION in making sure that people understand it is the Police who need to be called and held accountable in pursuing criminals and closing down the drug houses and whore houses in the community.

ACTION in restoring respect & cooperation between the Cocoa Police Department and a community that has long lost confidence in them.

ACTION in making sure that City Code is followed by all (including the wannabe slumlords) and making sure the City pursues every property owner who is required to have a Rental tax certificate and registered with the City as a rental property.

ACTION in bringing together a community working together to clean up our community and reach out and help those who need a hand.

ACTION in making sure that only people who are sincere in representing our community and demonstrating by action, not words, their commitment to bringing about visible and lasting change in the community are elected.

ACTION in supporting our local Law Enforcement Officers as well as making sure that Department Leaders are performing their jobs up to the standards necessary to protect all in the community.

ACTION in pursuing passage of new city ordinances addressing how the City collects unpaid balances owed for services of individuals.

I am committed to taking ACTION and being involved directly in bringing back the true meaning of Community and I would encourage each of you to do them same. I want 2016 to be a year where we stop looking for everyone else to do something and we do it ourselves.

Happy New Year to all and I ask each of you to make your New Years Resolution be "to take Action."

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