This Is The Work Mike Blancato & Mike’s Handydandy Rent-A-Man LLC does: CRAP


Mike Blancato the unlicensed, uninsured fraudulent non-contractor got over $3000 in cash and materials to repair this very leak by putting up a whole brandnew roof. This has been going on for more than a year. He is a fraud and thief.

Today I was notified again that the roof which was supposedly replaced in November 2013 by Michael Blancato aka Mike Blancato aka Mike's Handydandy Rent-A-Man LLC was leaking in the exact same spot and worse now than it did before Blancato supposedly put an entire new roof on.


Mike Blancato and Mike's Handydandy Rent-A-Man roofing job still not repaired.

Now I think anyone who knows anything about roofing, a new roof doesn't go bad in less than a year and/or two years. This has been going on since just a few months after Mike Blancato took almost $3000 from me in money and materials lying about being a licensed contractor and lying about having insurance. Instead of doing the right thing and refund the money paid out for materials and labor he wants to test me and has really screwed himself because not only have I filed Contractor fraud complaints with the State, I am going after him in Court and if anyone is injured as a result of this crappy work he will be lucky to have an outhouse to crap in.

20150722_1441531So all those who think Mike Blancato is somehow the victim, think again. This POS has failed to return and repair his crappy work for more than one year. So take a piece of advice from someone who knows: DO NOT give Mike Blancato any money for materials and do not hire him to touch your home because your insurance will refuse to pay any claim resulting from the crappy unlicensed work Mike Blancato does. The photos are not the best but I have a photographer and insurance adjusted going over to photograph and inspect the situation in the morning.

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  1. Joe
    Waiting patiently for your book to be published: Is there a tentative date, Larry? Joe
    • Larry Sinclair
      Tentative date will be updated shortly.