The Blood of Dallas Officers on Obama & Clinton Hands

I would be remiss if I didn't say the events of the past week were not sickening and heartbreaking which they were. But so too were the refusal of the FBI and US Justice Department to bring criminal charges against Hillary Clinton. We can sit back and act as if we didn't hear a word FBI Director said or we can talk about how Police are killing Black men but don't you dare talk about how Hillary Clinton  was given yet another pass from criminal prosecution.

In complete contrast to FBI claims that criminal charges are only brought when the investigators believe they can prove the charge beyond a reasonable doubt; many a prosecutor and Police Departments across this country have filed charges, arrested individuals and made them post bond to be free til trial without first knowing they could prove something beyond a reasonable doubt. Hillary Clinton was not charged because she is Hillary Clinton and not because the FBI could not prove something beyond a reasonable doubt. It's not the FBI's responsibility to prove it to begin with. It is the US Attorneys job and they got out of it with the little visit between Bill and Loretta on the Phoenix tarmac, which I firmly believe was planned after an FBI leak to the Clinton's that they would not recommend criminal charges to ensure AG Lynch had no choice but to publicly commit to accepting the FBI recommendation whatever it might be.

Lets see Bill and Loretta on Tuesday, Loretta commitment to accept FBI recommendations on Thursday or Friday; Hillary Clinton interviewed by FBI without interview being recorded in any way on Saturday and then Barack & Hillary scheduled for a campaign stop in N.C. just hours after FBI announce no charges????????????

The Shooting of Mr. Sterling in LA is one that will and rightfully so, be investigated and reviewed. I refuse to be like most who have convicted the officers without first knowing all the facts. It is far too easy today to get worked up over a video that only shows one part of a situation and sadly we have so called leaders who instigate this very type of reaction to change the subject at hand.

The shooting of Mr. Castillo in MN is one which will and should be investigated. This one was live streamed on FaceBook but only after the shooting had taken place not before. The "fiance" is already changing her stories and accounts and I simply am not going to convict this Mexican Police Officer of something without all the facts.

The shooting which claimed the lives of Five Dallas area Police Officers was unnecessary and despite those who call themselves leaders in this country, they bare a certain amount of responsibility for the loss of these 5 lives as they have and continue to portray every Police involved shooting of a black man as being a racist murder. They Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch et al bare a greater portion of responsibility for these deaths and have the blood of these five officers on their hands regardless of what anyone may think. Each of them have fostered and promoted an environment where individuals believe it is okay and is their civic duty to target police in some twisted belief that Police are murdering black men.

Let me remind you of a little piece I posted sometime ago after the Black Lives Matter group decided to misrepresent the actual facts in the Ferguson, MO shooting of Michael Brown who people today still refuse to acknowledge Brown had in fact viciously attacked then Officer Wilson while the officer was still in his patrol car. Not to mention the assaulting of the store clerk only minutes before. But hey facts aren't really good for the politics of it so we should just leave them out and continue to act as if Brown was this sweet adorable teddy bear. The piece was about a young boy who was shot to death in Memphis, TN to you hardly heard a peep from anyone about him being shot and killed by his friend Black Lives Matter? Not in Memphis

There comes a time when you have to simply say not everything is about color. We hear so much on the news about the number of black men shot by Police yet the facts paint a picture that no one wanting to stoke racial unrest want to hear. In 2015 258 Blacks were shot and killed by Police in the US. That same year almost 500 whites were shot and killed by Police. FACT so this narrative that Police are stalking blacks to murder them is simply not true. At what point are we responsible for our actions regardless of what they may be. Mr. Sterling was reported to have threatened another person with a gun which was why Police were called. What happened after that we only see a short cell phone video. Do you or anyone know that these two Officers said "lets go kill us a N*******?" Yet we have so called leaders and so called Christian ministers making these unfounded and unsupported claims.

Call me what you will but I disagree with Hillary Clinton who says because I am white I am supposed to listen more to what blacks say just because I am white! I listen to what children let fall out of their mouths just passing my house on the street both black and white, and any decent parent would have already whipped dat ass for talking like that.  I see a City which in a lot of ways ignores and fails to enforce the law or treat its citizens equally because there is a sentiment that blacks have been targeted and thereby deserve a break. Make no mistake, if you don't want to be referred to as a thug, stop acting like one. Stop driving around acting like everyone is supposed to fear you (both black and white); stop being vulgar and disrespectful, stop talking about ballin and killin and dealin and stealin. That's not culture, it is faking at being something you aren't.

Keep letting these politicians and those looking to say they represent you keep this racial animosity going between the races; keep falling for the same old claims blacks are being targeted and made to stay in conditions they have no control over. We as a society have already established more protected classes of citizens than anywhere in the world and yet we keep clamoring for more? The sheer bigotry which has surfaced under the cause of Black Lives Matter is dumbfounding. If black lives matter get your asses in your communities and stop the black on black violence that claims more black lives in a month than what is recorded as being caused by Police in a year. Where the hell were the so called champions of black lives when these black men decided it was okay to drive up and start shooting at another black man over a family disagreement? Where were the champions of black lives when Police showed up after the shooting shown in the below video? The people there claimed there was no shooting despite hearing the shooter say "put your hands up n*****."



I have witnessed more bigotry and racial biases in the last couple of years than I have seen my entire life and I was raised in the South in the 60s. Here is a simple truth: Blacks are no more targeted by Police than Whites. In fact Whites have an almost 2 to 1 higher death by Police than Blacks.

Then to keep the Black victimization going we have Rep. Corrine Brown (D-FL) who was just indicted on Fraud and theft charges claiming she is the victim of racial motives because she is black and not because she was caught stealing money from a Children's charity for her own gain. Really? This is the same Corrine Brown who is always lock-stock-and barrel in step with every racially motivated claim and protest with new coverage with the likes of Al Sharpton et al. Hell I am currently dealing with a situation in my own community where some of my black neighbors don't believe we should become a united community against crime and drugs, but that I and others who are not black should move out of the community. And I quote: "This should be an all black community with blacks knowing how to be loyal to their own." unquote.

Even sadder is the fact there are some so called well respected community leaders and City officials who echo that very sentiment above.

What we need is to accept the facts that are before us and understand one thing: Either we come together as a whole, we stop being played like hand puppets and we make all lives matter and we do so without protected classes; special classes or designations because if we don't this will never stop and with the racial incitement I have seen Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton not only support; but promote and welcome; no ones life will matter because they will have succeeded in their plan to keeps us a nation divided; a nation where some will take responsibility for making their lives what they want them to be and others who will blame everyone and everything on someone else and demand they are entitled to something because they are a special or protected class.

This is why Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have the blood of the five murdered Dallas Police Officers on their hands. They do not want a united nation because to have one would make them unnecessary and unappealing.




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