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Time with Nature to Clear the Clutter in the Mind

Sometimes no matter how busy life is we all need to find away to get away and clear the clutter in the brain. This past Wednesday while in Cocoa on business I decided to take some much needed "me" time and spend some time at the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. My first stop was Scrube Ridge where I though a slow walk on the trail would be good for clearing the mind of some clutter. I did not expect to have a herd of wild hogs following along side of me in the brush however. As the sound of feet got louder and louder in the brush beside me I thought "okay, this does not sound inviting at all," so I did what any thinking person would do, I started making as much noise as I could by beating the brush and screaming as loud as I could. Ah the sheer relief I felt from screaming was more therapeutic than the walk on the trail.

When I realized I probably should not be out in a wildlife refuge without having told someone where I was at I got back in the car and started driving. I ended up at Haulover Canal and the Manatee Viewing Deck. As soon as I got on the deck I noticed a large bird perched on the power pole above the draw bridge and changed camera lenses and started photographing what turned out to be a young Osprey. Not knowing much about them I mistook the plucking of feather on its wings, tale and chest as a sign it was in distress. After taking more than 1000 pictures of it over the course of two hours I had the opportunity to sit and view each of them up close. Its interesting to watch as this beautiful bird grooms itself and calls out to its mother every now and then spreading its wings as if ready to soar across the east Florida sky.

These are a few of the photographs I took during this "me" time break in the wild.