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Independence Day: Really?

This weekend Americans celebrate Independence Day yet as I look around me I wounder if we can really say we are Independent. July 4, 1776 we secured our independence from religious oppression and persecution. We secured our independence from the taxation of the British Monarchy. We supposedly secured our independence to think as we choose;…
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PRINCE: More Than a Musical Icon

Looking at all the respect being paid to Prince after his sudden and untimely death, I can't help but remember that in addition to his musical genius Prince was a trailblazer of monumental proportion in our society. Long before the any of the now popular social causes of the day Prince made it a point…
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239 Years Later & A New Revolutionary War Is Coming

Tomorrow marks 239 years since we as a nation declared our independence from British rule and being told what we can say, think, believe, do or practice. Yet 239 years later we are again being told what to say, think, believe, practice, do. Many will argue that Americans have the right to freedom of speech,…
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