WOMS Update

Happy Labor Day to everyone and hope you have managed to enjoy the weekend without getting a DUI ticket or sunburn. lol my sick sense of humor there.

This is to update the status of the book When One Man Stands which as we all know is now exactly 2 years behind schedule. But there is some good news to report. I currently have an editor going through the book now and I will have this book completed and in the hands of those who pre-reserved/ordered a signed numbered copy in the very, very near future. I believe that everyone will agree the wait was worth it once they have read the book.

A friend recently made a suggestion to me which after thinking about it I agree is a good idea. In an effort to make When One Man Stands widely available across the country the friend suggested I consider a Go Fund Me campaign to secure 10,000 or more hardbacks printed and delivered for the official release of the book. They suggested that it would be of benefit because there would be ample supply of the printed book available for immediate shipment to book stores as well as to have scheduling book signings, including one on the official release of the book.

I have set up a Go Fund Me campaign based on quotes from three different printers for the production of 10,000 to 20,000 hardback first editions of this book. The print job for such would most certainly be done on offset machines as apposed to the digital printing.

I feel very good about this book and the story that it tells in great detail.


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