Where Is Larry Sinclair 2014? Answering a Search Engine Question

I am somewhat surprised at the number of site visitors who came to the new site by entering "Where is Larry Sinclair in 2014" into the search engine. Whether it be Google, Ask, Bing or Yahoo the same question. So I decided to answer the question.

I am in Holly Hill, Florida (aka referred to as Daytona Beach by some) I am working tirelessly on publishing my long overdue second book When One Man Stands. I have spent the last few weeks engaged in a construction and remodel project that has taken a lot out of me financially, physically and mentally.

Currently I am talking with area residents about where they see us as a community and a nation and what if anything, they believe needs to change. I am watching as people demonstrate there complete disgust and lack of interest in any political candidate as we approach the 2014 Mid-Term elections.

In an expression of my own opinion and what I see around me I am predicting that the State of Florida will re-elect former Gov. Charlie Crist in November, this time as a democrat. Not because anyone really believes Crist is the better choice to lead the State but because Gov Scott has a large number of Republicans in the Heath-care field determined to vote him out of office over the States push to privatize publicly funded Hospitals.

MJEvery now and then I still get a good chuckle at the dimwits who have devoted every day of their lives for the past almost 7 years to attacking me and making claims that they know to be false when they make them. I am enjoying life with The Royal Moe Joe (my Pug), family and friends.

So to answer the question "where is Larry Sinclair in 2014?" Right here. I am not going anywhere, I will continue to write and I have a few surprises planned for 2015 that will make many happy while making many others so angry they explode.

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