What Happened to MLK’s”…content of ones character and not the color of their skin”

After seeing and listening to the claims from Attorney Ben Crump & Daryl Parks as well as the constant cries of Al Sharpton claiming to be the "Civil Rights Leaders" trying to address the injustices of the black community, something I watched on TMZ came to mind. About a week or so ago Robyn Rihanna Fenty , better known by her stage name Rihanna visited the White House and was asked by TMZ as she was leaving what was the best part about visiting the White House? Rihanna responded by saying "my President being black." NOTE: Rihanna is not an American citizen but is a citizen of Saint Michael, Barbados.

In the below clip from TMZ Harvey Levin ask, "Didn't Martin Luther King say people should be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin?" to which TMZ reporter responded "Thats just one man's opinion" Really, is Martin Luther King Jr and the hard fought battles he and others waged reduced to simply being just one man's opinion? Do we have a new generation who sees Martin Luther King as just a holiday with time and a half pay or a no school day?

I make no bones about the fact that I personally see Al Sharpton as nothing more than an opportunist who has made a career out of lining his pockets and climbing up the ladder of social standing on the grief and tragedies of others. Al Sharpton and those who strive to be like him, specifically the Ben Crumps, Daryl Parks, the L. Ronald Durhams and others like them are not Civil Rights Leaders and every time they choose to inject Martin Luther King into their script it is a slap in the face to those who gave their very lives in the fight for all to be treated equally. To have a Sharpton protege (L. Ronald Durham) publicly compare the shooting of Treyvon Martin to the crucifixion of Christ is beyond comprehension.

I continue to see Sharpton, Crump, Parks & others talk about Michael Brown as if he were an innocent victim who simply was walking down the street before being shot. The media continues to display pictures of Brown in the same way they did in the Martin incident, of a younger, more peaceful age and pose, while doing everything possible to avoid showing the surveillance video of Brown just moments before taking his size and strong arming a business owner trying to stop Brown from stealing at will. We can allow people to paint a picture and write a narrative which fits their agenda or we can do what we should always do and put the facts out as they are and deal with it.

I continue to hear Crump and Sharpton promise they will get justice for Michael Browns family, yet not once have these men accepted or acknowledged Brown's being held responsible and accountable for his own actions. Where is the condemnation of Browns step father standing atop a vehicle screaming "burn this bitch down" while standing next to Brown's mother? No one put a gun to Brown's head and forced him to rob that store. No one put a gun to Michael Browns head and forced him to physically assault the store manager when the manager tried to stop him from stealing. No one put a gun to Michael Browns head and force him to attack Officer Wilson.

Another point that I notice no one is talking about or questioning. We live in a time where everything that happens is video recorded on cell phones and tablets and is done so the instant any of us see something that is out of the ordinary. That being said, why is it that months after the shooting of Michael Brown not a single cell phone or tablet video has surfaced which shows Micheal Brown being shot by Daren Wilson while allegedly surrendering?

Daren Wilson is being judged simply based on the fact that he is a white man. Nothing else so is this not racism?

I could not imagine the pain a parent suffers at the loss of a child. I won't even attempt to say I can feel their pain. But I also know that the very things Al Sharpton, Ben Crump, Daryl Parks, the Ronald Dunhams of the world are calling for today are the very same things they made a name for themselves and a pretty penny claiming to have been fighting to end. People are not charged and arrested and told to prove their innocence in this country, yet that is exactly what Ben Crump, Daryl Parks, Al Sharpton and the reporters covering the Ferguson situation are now demanding happen!

To have an experienced Attorney like Ben Crump argue that a citizen must face cross examination regardless of the facts is ludicrous.

It is time for all of us to stop letting people like Al Sharpton et al fly around first class on the dime of personal tragedy while you burn down your own community. Joe Hicks said it well when he said "Dr. King's got to be spinning in his grave."

I can't help but wonder how the Brown family can call for peace and calm while Michael's mother is seen in this New York Times video with her current husband telling people to "burn this bitch down." See Video HERE



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