If Official Records Show I Voted Those Records Need Reviewed

Today I received a robo call featuring FL Senator Marco Rubio. Because I was not home the call went to voice mail. After I listened to the voice mail, I had to listen to it again because it confused me when Sen Rubio said "official records show you voted in the last election..." which simply cannot be since I did not vote in the last election.

I have uploaded the actual message as it was left on my voice mail this morning at 11.23 AM.

Now some would ask why this is even important. To that I would say, if we are going to argue that there is voter fraud (which I do not argue with and I believe to be true) then we need to challenge and look into all instances where it is alleged that some voted when they were not supposed to; or claims that official records show someone voted when they did not.

I want to know what "official records" show that I voted in the last election? I know that my name and phone number has been submitted to all of these PAC's because I covered the political races over the past 6 years but to have a sitting United States Senator's voice telling you, you are receiving this called because "official records" show something that is untrue makes me question if we will ever truly know when voter fraud is involved?

Just the other day I was talking with a friend in DC about the upcoming election. I was telling him I don't think the results are going to come close to what conservatives and the GOP think they will. He was surprised with my election predictions but then I explained why I believe that Democrats might actually gain seats in both chambers.

Yes, people are tired of the way things have been and are going, and yes there are many groups, reaching out and trying to motivate like minded individuals to join them in voting for this candidate or that. The Beltway crowd will tell you what the polls say or what their own PACs or special interest groups think but I am not buying it. Things are going south fast in this country, but the average voter now is tired of the blame game, they no longer want to listen to the news and the voting block between 18 and 40 now are more interested in the two word slogans or the Twitter feeds. Conservatives and the GOP better understand that while they have reason to question and challenge democrats and liberals, they are turning off many of the voters they need to appeal to while motivating the very base of the far left that they think will not show up to the polls Tuesday.

Liberals and Democrats are not showing concern over their chances on Tuesday because conservatives with the blame game and the scare tactics are motivating their base into wanting to make sure their candidates do not get elected. In 2012 almost every single Tea Party candidate who was elected to the US House in 2010 lost their bib for re-election. Now you may say that was because of an "in the tank media" but the truth is people do not vote based on what these self interest groups say, they vote on what they think a candidate or party will do and truth be told Conservatives and the GOP continue to play right into the very same liberal traps they have fallen into every election since 2010.

I hope I am wrong, but I am certain predicting the Democrats gain seats in the Senate and gain or remain the same in the House come Tuesday night is going to be a reality. I predict that despite being the better person to get Florida back on track, Gov. Rick Scott will lose in his re-election bid despite putting his own money into his campaign, and FL will elect Republican turned Independent turned Democrat Charlie Crist back into office.


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