Remembering Maxine True Mexican Chihuahua

For those who know anything about me you know that 2008 going into 2009 was somewhat of an interesting and chaotic time in my life.  But on New years eve, December 31, 2008 a very special little true Mexican Chihuahua entered my life (as a gift from friends I was visiting in Laredo, Texas) named Maxine.

Maxine was an outdoor dog in the hot dusty desert of Laredo, Texas who on Jan 1, 2009 transitioned from the heat of Laredo to the cool comfort of AC and living the good life of being pampered.

On a trip back to Laredo in Feb 2009 Maxine hooked up with her grandson Chuy and ended up getting knocked up. On April 1, 2009 while staying with dear friends Brett and Joann in GA Maxine gave birth to 3 babies. She came home to our new home in Daytona Beach in May 2009 where she remained with me until circumstances arose in 2010 with the move to DC that resulted in making the decision to move her back with Brett and Joann to remain.

Brett and Joann came to know Maxine from the time I got her and it was in Maxine's best interest to allow her to enjoy a stable life with her friends and the space to enjoy her independence.

On Monday I received an email from Joann informing me that Maxine had been taken to the Vet earlier that morning and put to sleep. Maxine had developed cancer tumors and the decision was made to allow her to rest in peace and not suffer any longer. I am forever indebted to Brett and Joann for taking such good care of Maxine from July 2010 to her passing. Not only did she love where she was, she loved the freedom to come and go as she pleased (Maxine was good at opening doors to go out or come in when she wanted.) She had friends in Sadie, Monkey, her baby Moose and Pebbles (aka the bitch from hell and only dog that ran from me) as well as the wildlife she came accustomed to mingling with.

Maxine went from Tortillas and beans to butter dipped Lobster, Grilled salmon off a fork and T-bones and she did it in style, grace and love every step of the way. She will be remembered and missed every single day.


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  1. JoAnn & Brett
    R.I.P. Lil Maxine. We miss you.