Out With the Old, In With the…Oh Wait the Old is Still In

In the Two weeks since the Nov 4, 2014 mid-term elections the GOP has had and ignored the first opportunity they had to show they are not the same old GOP. While many will argue that the GOP has been given a new power by the people to stop the Obama destruction of America I would point out that you might not want to argue that less than one third of registered voters going to the polls is a mandate for the GOP. In fact with the GOPs recent election of Sen Mitch McConnell (R-KY) as the new Senate Majority Leader and re-election of Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) as the Speaker of the House its fair to say this is not the new GOP at all.

At a time when Americans have gotten even sicker (though its hard to imagine how we could be sicker than we were) of the two party system and those who claim to represent either party, the GOP had the opportunity to take the gains in the recent election and show they are serious about changing how things are done in Washington. The easiest thing the GOP could have done they found impossible to do, Republicans simply went along to get along with the same old (and I mean old) faces that in the past six years have been out smarted and out played on every single issue by the Obama Administration. A little more than 2 years ago a very wise man told me in Chicago that for every no coming out of the GOP there would have to be a yes somewhere.

The GOP could have made themselves look really good and even appear to possibly be the new GOP if they had not ignored the new blood in the party and put the same old two faces in the front who have failed in the past 6 years to even make a difference and who have failed when it came to getting any GOP voters motivated. The victory by Mitch McConnell in KY two weeks ago should not be seen as a stamp of approval of him as Majority Leader by the nation. If McConnell had to run in an election other than his home state of Kentucky I believe he would not have been celebrating on November 5, 2014.

Conservatives want change in policy and in Washington, yet the very two GOP front men who publicly vowed to crush the conservative movement in the GOP are now yet again poised to be the "leaders" of the party. You would think that after 6 years of failing to get your message across you would try something and someone new. Even Conservative Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) seems to have lost his anti-establishment fight he tried to show on election night when he refused to answer the question "will you vote for McConnell as Majority Leader?" Yet Cruz seems to have no problem with going-along-to-get-along now.

Sen Rand Paul (R-KY) who was/is seen as a possible 2016 Presidential contender campaigned heavily for the establishment and McConnell. It will be interesting to see in the coming year if Paul can continue to distinguish himself as a viable alternative to the establishment or if he too allows politics to define who he becomes.

The 2014 Mid-Terms showed something else that few are talking about. If you listened to the election analysis on election night and the days following, you would have heard the same thing coming from every ones mouth: The GOP was able to win by making sure they kept Tea Party candidates off the ballot. Does 2014 bring with it the death of the so called organized Tea Party? Actually I would say the 2012 General election brought that about when every US House seat won in the 2010 mid-terms were lost by the incumbents.

Rather than take the opportunity to start off the new session of congress with a clear change in leadership and direction, the GOP in my opinion has decided to take the stance of "more of the same" rather than "A new Republican party and direction."

In the words of a dear friend: "Don't screw this up D$%k heads."

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