Making Memorial Day More Personal

Recently I came across several folders of old World War II military records and as I started to look over them I thought maybe this year I could make Memorial Day a little more personal by putting names, dates and places to it from the actual people who gave their lives and those who came home and are now gone.

The records begin in 1944 and continue on through 1958. I am still scanning the documents as they have deteriorated over the years from not being stored properly. They contain assignment orders, promotion orders, flight logs and even the assignment of Capt. Maurice Robert McGranahan to a Foreign Service post. McGranahan ended his service at Lt Col Maurice R. McGranahan USAF

The following are posted in their chronological order.

Memorial Day is meant to remember and pay respect to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, their lives, in service to our Nation. I believe every name listed on these documents deserve to be remembered and respect paid to them for what they did. For example I know some of these orders were issued by Col Tipton who died in a plane crash as he was flying home to be released from active duty.

Whether it is the officers who issued these orders or the individuals who were given their orders I want to put names on Memorial Day this year, and I am going to put the names of every one listed on the World War II documents that span even after the war was over and through the Korean Conflict/War.

Please bare with me as this article is a live work in progress between now and Monday. So keep checking back for more information, documents and names.

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  1. Brenda Wyatt
    As you said, all that served should be honored and memorialized. What you are doing is wonderful and shows what a good heart you have. As far as Beau Biden, I feel sorry for his wife and children;however, as my 46 year old son would say "Karma is a bitch".