I Was Wrong

First and foremost, I WAS WRONG and I can admit it without problem. I predicted that Democrats would retain control of the Senate and would likely gain seats. I predicted Democrats would gain or at least maintain their seats in the House. I WAS WRONG by a hundred miles and if this is what happens when I predict election outcomes please let me predict everyone from now on. That being said, allow me to make a few suggestions for Republicans if they want to have a chance of not repeating in 2016 what they did from 2010 to 2012.

First: If the GOP wants to demonstrate out the gate they are serious about bringing change in Washington and getting things done they need to select anyone BUT Mitch McConnell as Majority Leader. The facts speak for themselves and McConnell simply has failed to demonstrate his seriousness about leading and to install him in the Majority Leader spot is not going to instill confidence in anyone other than the GOP establishment.

Second: Republicans now have the Senate and the House and there is no reason why legislation cannot be acted upon and sent to Obama's desk for signature or veto. Its time that the President actually have to sign or veto legislation after 6 years of vacations and executive orders.

Third: Republicans have to stand and take action from this day forward, even on issues that may not be popular with its base. The American people want action and if Republicans go into this next session doing the same old establishment type politics this victory will be short lived indeed.

Fourth: Moderate and Conservatives will need to come together as of today and stop trying to portray one another as wacko birds and brown nosers and get meaningful legislation passed and enacted.

So there you have it, I WAS WRONG!

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