Hillary Clinton: Determined To Prevent 2008 Repeat in 2016

No matter where you stand on or think about Hillary Clinton, one thing is undeniable; Hillary never forgets when you out smart her or throw a wrench in her plans. It seems Hillary has learned a lesson from the 2008 Presidential race when out of nowhere came a young black (black determines on who you ask as many continue to say Barack Obama has never embraced his black side unless it serves his interest) man from Chicago who managed to bulldoze Hillary and her team into the dirt. Everyone remember this from Obama friend and adviser:

In a recent radio interview I predicted that Hillary would not make a run in 2016 but instead would try and play king maker similar to what David Axelrod did with Barack Obama. I predicted Hillary and Bill would pass on a 2016 run which certainly would put a big financial pinch on the millions of dollars they both take in from non-American interests, and I predicted instead Hillary would publicly endorse former San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro as the Democratic Nominee instead.

While it appears my prediction Hillary would do the smart thing for the first time in her life (and not pass up on the money and status she currently enjoys) and not run in 2016 was wrong, I was right in knowing she knew just like Barack Obama in 2008, a Julian Castro 2016 run would result in her being stopped in her tracks a second time and remembered as having been beaten twice by young political unknowns from her own party. Hillary not wanting a replay of the 2008 democratic primary race, has reached out to the one person she knows could cost her another presidential bid, former San Antonio TX Mayor and current HUD Secretary Julian Castro before she even announces her candidacy sources have confirmed. The question is however what Hillary and Julian have decided or if they have come to any kind of agreement at all? According to sources close to the Clinton camp, a Clinton/Castro ticket is all but set in stone should Hillary go unopposed as the Democrats nominee and barring any unforeseen political scandal involving Castro.

CCWhile Hillary seems to believe a Clinton/Castro ticket would be unbeatable in 2016 I have to wonder if Castro might do better with his name on top of the ticket. There is still time for a Castro challenge to a Hillary run and should Castro be convinced to seek the nomination himself such a run could very well be the final nail in Hillary Clinton's political coffin. The mere fact that Hillary has reached out to Castro demonstrates she is indeed capable of learning from her mistakes. Whether it helps or hurts her 2016 chances remains to be seen.

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