GoFundMe Becomes latest Target of Cowards

Earlier today I posted an update on the status of the book When One Man Stands. In that update I included a link to a Go Fund Me campaign started at the suggestion of a friend in hopes of making the public release of the book with at least 10000 hardcover copies in print.

It seems that little group of 5 who have sat in front of their computers monitoring my every post, burp and fart for the past almost 7 years got butt hurt when I decided they would not be allowed to post their constant and false drivel on the GoFundMe page and started sending in complaints to GoFundMe doing what they do best, making yet another false and completely untrue accusation. Below is the comment posted on the Go Fund Me page earlier (normally I do not post links to these idiots but I am making an exception this time)

WheresThe ProofLarry has posted a comment to your fund: What's going on here? You raised money for this in 2012 and did not deliver a book: http://theregulatortoo.wordpress.com/2014/08/06/sickliars-new-site/#comment-8624 Now you want to sucker people again for the same book?

It seems the Butthurt gang in Lawrence, MA; Lawrenceville, GA; London, Ontario; Columbus, OH; Gaithersburg, MD and Everett, WA., believe that my offering people the opportunity to reserve a signed/numbered copy of When One Man Stands for a $5.00 reservation fee was somehow a fundraising effort for publishing the book and have now filed a complaint with GoFundMe accusing me of fundraising in 2012 and never following through on my end. Below is the email I received from GoFundMe concerning the filing of complaints by the same idiots received at 10:34PM ET

Sep 01 07:34 PM

Dear GoFundMe Customer,

We're reaching out to inform you that there have been complaints regarding the authenticity of your page located at: http://www.gofundme.com/WhenOneManStands

Could you please confirm that the information you're presenting on your GoFundMe page is 100% true and accurate?

Failure to respond to this inquiry within 48 hours will result in the termination of your account.



We're here to help! I'll try my best to respond within 5 minutes during normal business hours. ----------------------------------------- Customer Happiness, GoFundMe

Every individual who reserved a signed/numbered copy of the book has been kept up to date on the release, and not a single one has asked to cancel their reservation as of this date. Below is my response to Go Fund Me's email:



I am prepared to bet that the complaints which have been filed were filed by individuals associated with a website that has dedicated itself for almost 7 years to attacking, stalking and harassing me, my family, friends and neighbors.


The information set forth on the When One Man Stands Go Fund Me page is 100% accurate. The complaints sent to Go Fund Me were sent after I blocked these internet stalkers and cyber-bullies from using the campaign to promote themselves or their website.


Had these individuals been honest in their claims, and I am sure they are making the same claim to GoFundMe that they posted earlier on the page which I have attached below.


I did offer friends, family and others the opportunity to reserve a signed/numbered copy of the book When One Man Stands, they were able to reserve a copy for a fee of $5.00 and they were provided a certificate which clearly stated what number they were entitled to upon publication. I have stayed in constant contact with each and every individual who reserved a signed/numbered copy and not a single one has asked to cancel their reservation and are completely okay with the fact that the time frame and deadline originally put on the release date was delayed.


Unlike those who file complaints online under assumed names I put my name on everything I post and say. I would hope that Go Fund Me would look at the history these individuals have of filing complaints in efforts to prevent me from completing a project, all of which they have failed at miserably I might add.


It appears these individuals would like to think that those individuals reserving a signed/numbered copy of the book was somehow fund raising when it was not nor do they feel it was either.


I have had to deal with these individuals making false complaints for almost 7 years now so getting your email was not a surprise at all. Unlike those who filed the complaint, I have never had a single complaint filed, reservation cancelled, or a purchase through PayPal rejected, reversed or refund requested.


Please let me know if I can be of further assistance in answering your question. I would also ask if GoFundMe would forward a copy of the complaints to me including the email addresses used to file the complaints from.



Lawrence (Larry) Sinclair



I understand the desire for these idiots to try and keep the books release limited to the smallest number of copies as possible, especially since the book covers a lot of not so flattering information on this little wannabe group of internet thugs. Whether the book is release with just those who reserved a copy or with thousands of copies printed in the first edition printing is completely dependent on whether enough people believe and support a large production being available from day one.

So now you know that the same group who prided themselves in threatening, harssing and intimidating publishers in 2009 over the first book are back at it again trying to keep the second book limited as best they can.

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