Easter Sunday and the erosion of Religious Freedom

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday, and as I sit and view all the planned Easter Sunday services I also wonder what these ministers will say or do to try and stem the tide of attacks on religious freedoms? In the past week we have had a TV station attack a Pizza Parlor because the owner believes marriage is between a man and a women and then yesterday we had Cut the Cake Bakery in Longwood, Florida says they were attacked by an Arizona evangelist who called and asked to order a sheet cake with "we do not support gay marriage" written on it.

The Pizza Parlor owner is made out to be bigots by an actual News organization while the owner of Cut the Cake is telling Local News Stations she is hiring a lawyer to pursue legal action against the evangelist for posting the call on YouTube. Unlike the Indiana News Station, Joshua Feuerstein pointed out in his video of the call with Cut The Cake owner Sharon Haller did not feel she should be forced to write something on a cake she didn't believe in and that Christian business owners should not be forced to participate in any event that goes against their belief. I personally do not know Haller or Feuerstein, but I did not hear anything that was "threatening" or even "anti-gay" as she claimed. Saying you "do not support gay marriage" is not anti-gay nor is it bigotry or discriminatory. I am gay and I do not support gay marriage. But then again I don't believe marriage should have ever been something the Government regulated and bestowed certain rights to based solely on being married.

I have tried to sit back and stay out of the latest effort to deny ones rights in order to bestow another special rights. As a life long openly gay man I still do not understand why as a nation we have allowed government to divide us more in the passing of special laws that are designed to somehow make ones opinion or belief a crime while others are okay.

Now we are saying the Constitution only applies if it is something that one finds acceptable? Why is it that we have a gay population now that can't be comfortable with themselves unless everyone else agrees with them. What is it about our society suddenly needing to be designated a special class in order to have a meaningful prosperous life?

Regardless of what you believe or who you love, not a single one of us has the right to demand that others condone our actions or agree with our positions etc. As Christians world wide celebrate what is the Resurrection of a crucified Christ I have but one wish: That being that we all take a step back and think about how you would feel if you were to have to agree with everything everyone else does or says and if you don't you are a bigot, racist, hater.

I wish that we as a society can somehow get out of the mindset that we are somehow supposed to have all these special classes of citizens in order to have a meaningful, fulfilled life and we are to attack and marginalize those who do not fall into one of those protected classes. I really don't see gay men and women becoming extinct if people do not agree with how we live. I do however see freedom of religion and religious beliefs mirroring those seen in China if we don't recognize that we all have the freedom and right to believe what we wish without being sued for everything we own because we might not agree with our neighbor.

May the true peace and love of Christ fill each and every heart this Easter Sunday and every day regardless of who you are or what you are.


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  1. Joe
    I was surprised and saddened when my comment was erased, with reference to the article about your dog. Or was this a glitch in the comment software? -Joe
    • Larry Sinclair
      It was clearly an accident.
      • Joe
        Very relieved to hear that, Larry: thanks... -Joe