Don’t Believe Everything You Read about WOMS

I am the first to admit that I have never been able to meet deadlines that I put on myself in writing my first and second book. While some have taken to the internet and Face Book to make the same claims they did in 2009 before my first book was released, saying "there is no book" etc let me assure you I have put far too much time, effort and energy into putting When One Man Stands together, and as I did in 2009 when I released Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder?, I will make those five little internet warriors shut up with the release of When One Man Stands.

It would appear that there are some in the same group of cesspool posters who want people to think they somehow know something that you or I don't. They take and represent things in their own little way to try and somehow attack my honesty on this book. The latest from this group is the claim "you hadn't even finished the FOIA's before you starting selling the book."

This statement is coming because they somehow seem to think that my December 2012 FOIA request of the Pueblo Colorado District Attorneys Office was ever intended to be a part of this book. It wasn't but since the US Department of Homeland Security, FBI, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, United States Secret Service, and a couple of others didn't provided the FOIA requested material until almost a year after they were supposed to, and since the Colorado matter (which these same internet warriors posted so much on the internet in 2009 about having been personally involved in communicating with then Deputy DA Stephen Jones as well as their claims of having contacted the alleged victim directly), finally came to a head and a conclusion this past March thru June 2014, it was decided that information is indeed being added to the book.

While it is easy for someone to publish claims on the internet of fraud, it is all so sad that every time this group (get their panties in a bunch and start posting on every website, FaceBook page and start filing complaints with GoFundMe) and others making these ridiculous claims have no clue what they are talking about.

In 2012 I offered those who wanted to reserve a signed/numbered copy of When One Man Stands the opportunity to do so for a simple $5.00 fee. Each individual who reserved a copy received a certificate which noted the number of the the book which would be reserved for them. Through delays and missed deadlines I have kept in constant contact with those who reserved a copy of the book. In addition, one woman pre-ordered a copy of the new book and a few months later had placed an order for another. Because I knew she was already on the list for a signed/numbered copy of the book I contacted her at the phone number and email address listed with the order. I informed her that she had already placed an order for the book and I wanted to make sure she intended to order a second one. We ended up speaking for almost an hour and a couple of months later I flew out to have dinner with her. No one who has reserved a signed/numbered copy of the book has been defrauded. While I may indeed be terrible and meeting self imposed deadlines because I simply don't take into account everything else going on, I have never failed to deliver a single book to a single person ordering one when publishing the first nor will I fail to deliver on the publishing of When One Man Stands.

This is the most attention I have given these wannabe regulators in years and it will be the last I give them on this site. The Attorney's for Barnes & Noble in the Parisi v Sinclair et al case (which ended on Feb 28, 2012 with Judge Leon granting my motion to dismiss for failure to state a claim which the wannabes will try and tell you other wise, but that Order is the final order entered on the merits) when they referred to these posters as a group Anti-Sinclair bloggers who themselves boasted about harassing, stalking and attacking Sinclair and others. Chapter Two, "2009" will be of great interest to these posers!

The mere fact that these idiots have been riled up into their usual Denial of Service, TOS attacks and complaint filings again is almost comical. In fact one of the men who reserved two copies emailed me after seeing the WOMS Update. He has number's 22 and 23.

So while these individuals will continue to try and write things the way they want them to be, they will never be able to write the truth on anything, because its not the truth they care about, they are driven by hate and a determination to somehow make Larry Sinclair pay but they will fail as they have failed now for going on almost 7 years. Ask yourself this questions: How could anyone sit in front of their computer everyday for almost 7 years straight attacking and plotting against someone? How do they support themselves? Pay their bills? The fact that their every post online is date and time stamped makes it impossible for them to deny it.

Before I end this allow me to demonstrate what I mean. I track every visitor to my website. While I have had more than 34 million site visitors combined among all my sites since 2008, I would have to say that this little group of five may account for more than 3 million of those visits.

This one from Lawrence, MA

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Then we have Meesh out of London, Ontario who believe it or not has multiple alerts set to notify her if anything post on the internet by me the minute it post.

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It appears these two along with the Columbus, OH member are the most active today in their efforts to succeed in trying to stop the second book when they failed miserably in their efforts to stop the first book, as well as their efforts to help win a defamation ruling in Parisi v Sinclair et al which did not happen either.

When One Man Stands will be completed and in the hands of those who pre-ordered it and who reserved a signed/numbered copy of it by the end of the month if it kills me. Unlike some I do not have the means to pay editors to edit on my timeline and I am lucky to have an actual experienced editor willing to edit the book for me without charge. The sheer number of documents which had to be transcribed, the audio from first responders, and sheer number of documents from medical records and those obtained via FOIA request is tremendous and

While these individuals have cause to want you to believe this book is not going to be published, the simple fact of the matter is they are so, so wrong. Now whether or not I succeed in my efforts to secure printing of 10,000 physical hardcover copies for its release to the general public depend on whether or not people believe in this project and I can accept whatever ends up being the final outcome in that campaign.

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