Black Lives Matter? Really? Not in Memphis,

photo via Sound Cloud

photo via Sound Cloud

I am sure by now most of you have seen or heard about the "pre-teen" (claiming to be from Memphis) who uses the username cbg_babybigbossceo who has gained thousands of followers on social media through posting photos and video with guns, cash and drugs. The photo to the left is his public profile picture from Soundcloud account linked to his Instagram (the instagram page has been moved to private since the uproar over the photos became news) I sent a request to follow him on Instagram for the purposes of this story and my request was accepted within five minutes of sending it.

What strikes me about this story is just how silent Al Sharpton, Ben Crump, Daryl Parks et al are on the subject. One would think as self-proclaimed civil rights leaders and champions of the "black" community these guys would see this as an opportunity to save a life and change how kids see their future. But then again for Sharpton to speak out on this would make him one hell of a big hypocrite. Click on the above picture and listen to the words coming from this kids mouth (WARNING: Some may find the lyrics offensive but I urge you to listen to them anyway) See Sharpton has business holdings that profit from the promotion and sale of this stuff. Never mind that a kid this young shouldn't even know such words much less speak them.

If I mentioned the name Mike Brown everyone would immediately know this was the man (this was a man not a kid) that Sharpton, Crump and Parks and hell even Barack Obama and the media portrayed as this innocent kid shot in the back with his hands in the air by a white police officer. If I mentioned the name Cartrail Robertson how many of you know who this is? Very few, but you should know especially considering the postings of this kid above.

Memphis teen posts gallery of guns, drugs, cash hours before being shot dead by friend as they played with weapons

Cartrail Robertson was 13 years old and just hours after posting a gallery of "Thug-Life" photos of him with guns, getting high, money etc. he was killed by his best friend.

Cartrail Robertson, 13, uploaded the gangster-style gallery - where he's seen holding a revolver he describes as a .357 Magnum, smoking pot and fanning wads of $100 bills - to Facebook on Monday.

But, in the early hours of Tuesday morning, he was allegedly gunned down by his 15-year-old friend Darrin Wilson

Cartrail a young black teen didn't live to see his 14th Birthday yet I don't see any of the "Black Lives Matter" protesters in the streets or the media outlets demanding answers on how such a young life can be ended so needlessly!

The following photos were downloaded from the users Instagram page and what alarms me even more than the images themselves, are the comments being posted. People need to read these and understand that the racial nature of some of these comments are indicative of the youth today.

It you claim to be a community leader and you can see and hear things like this but you say nothing and act as if it doesn't matter, you cannot then say these kids are victims when something happens and one of them is shot. If history tells us anything, the self proclaimed civil rights leaders like Sharpton et al have no problem making money off these kids and not breathing a word when their lives are taken by another wanting to play Thug. But God help anyone if these kids are killed by a Police Officer or anyone other than another black.

Yes we should be concerned with such posting on Social Media, we might even take a step back and remember the photos Mike Brown had posted on his FB page (which the family with the help of Attorney General Eric Holder got Facebook to remove but no before some had been downloaded.) Photos with guns, pointing guns, cash, booze and yes getting high. But the only photos you see of Mike Brown now are the clean ones in his cap & gown and wearing headphones etc which portray him as this mild mannered innocent looking teenager.

Black, White, Yellow, Brown, Green, Blue, Purple or Red everyone should find these photos disturbing, but what you should find even more disturbing are the comments that have been posted with them. But Sharpton, Crump, Parks, Madison et al will not be heard from until and only after this kid or others are killed by a Police Officer or anyone other than another black. So Black Lives Matter to these people, but only when they are taken by cop or white. I would argue that even at just 13 years old Cartrail Robertson's life mattered to someone and in fact should have mattered to everyone.


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