Barack Obama – America’s First Woman President

Barack Obama, America’s first woman President

Barack Obama, America’s first woman President

By Chris Anu-Cameroon Journal, April 22, 2015 – Recently, I was flipping through Facebook postings and came across this video message by Prime Minister Cameron of England. Cameron was addressing his citizens in the pre-recorded Easter message. In the message, Cameron defiles infested political correctness that assumes that as a leader, a President/Prime Minister for that matter, you dare not openly embrace religion, especially if that religion is Christianity. This is Cameron …

“The church is not just a collection of beautiful, old buildings; it is a living, active force doing great works right across our country. When people are homeless, the church is there with hot meals and shelter. When people are addicted or in debt, when people are suffering or grieving, the church is there.”

He continued; “I know from the most difficult times in my own life that the kindness of the church can be a huge comfort. Across Britain, Christians don’t just talk about ‘loving thy neighbor’, they live it out in faith schools, in prisons, in community groups,” the prime minister said.

“And it’s for all these reasons that we should feel proud to say, ‘This is a Christian country.’ Yes, we’re a nation that embraces, welcomes and accepts all faiths and none, but we are still a Christian country.”

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