B.A.C.R.A.P.s 2nd Annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner

November 23, 2017 Broadmoor Acres Community Restoration and Preservation will host their 2nd Annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner between 1:30PM and 5:30PM

We want to make this years Thanksgiving Dinner a bigger success than last years and hope every member of the community will join us.

As we did last year we are looking for residents who will volunteer to cook certain food items for the dinner. We will provide the food itself. From Turkeys and Hams to Potatoes, Collard Greens, Candid sweet potatoes to stuffing and cranberry sauce.

Dinner will be served at 1052 Mitchell St in Cocoa, Florida as it was last year. We want you and your whole family to join us and bring anyone you know who might want or need a hot meal with good company. For those Football fans who don’t want to miss the game we will be airing the game on a 55” TV screen as well.


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