A Reminder from Lame Cherry

The below is from Lame Cherry who despite almost Seven years to the day remembers what Beau Biden pulled in June of 2008 to help secure the VP slot for his daddy Joe.

In 2008 AD in the year of our Lord, Lawrence Sinclair came forward with the revelations of Barack Hussein Obama as an adulterous gay male in Chicago who performed the job of Chicago hostess to visiting males in having sex with them, providing the visitor paid for drinks, dope and paying for a hotel room.

For those ignorant of the history of this, Mr. Sinclair was terrorized by Obama agents, and when holding a press conference was seized on trumped up charges by the regime. What is of note in this, is Mr. Sinclair had the Obama mob harassing him and many of these were regime employees.
This was a melee involving Joseph Farah of World Net Daily who was attempting to use Mr. Sinclair to get at the Obama mystique, and Kennedy operatives who were employed to smear Mr. Sinclair in an inventive lie detector test.

As this did not stop Mr. Sinclair, and he began appearing on programs like Jeff Rense, the Obama group handed this off to Senator Joseph Biden to "handle".
The handling of this was run by Beau Biden of Delaware where fabricated charges of some form of check kiting were invented. To this Mr. Sinclair was slammed into a DC confinement, lost in the system, deprived of his medications and access to attorney, before being hauled to Delaware to face charges.
In this period somehow Mr. Sinclair's disability checks were stopped and he was threatened with life imprisonment over a bad check which he never wrote.

This is what Beau Biden was in charge of, and for this political terrorizing of Mr. Sinclair, making Mr. Sinclair the first political prisoner of the Obama regime, followed by Governor Rod Blagojevich and Lt. Col. Terry Lakin and a lengthy list, Joe Biden was rewarded in quid pro quo with the Vice Presidency, denying Hillary Clinton the slot.

Now Beau Biden is dead, from brain cancer, after he was promised a political career built upon the terrorizing of Lawrence Sinclair over Barack Obama covering up he is a deviant fag who cheated on his wife, Muchelle and endangered her and her children with sexual disease.

It is a reminder that in the Spiritual world, reckoning does take place. What Beau Biden engaged in was heinous and inhumane, as was the entire mistreatment of political prisoner Lawrence Sinclair.
No one else is going to note this and I have to stop relating the tale now as my vision is troubling me and my eye hurts.


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  1. Thanks for posting this article [searched a bit, but it his great], as I have heard from two people the comment;' May He Rest In Peace;' so I informed them of this true story, and hopefully this will wake up one more American or two. I am also furious, of the accolades he will get, but those who know what he did will not regret this loss, so I have told them in no uncertain terms 'the man was evil, so would you say the same about Hitler?' If Beau Biden was so manipulated by his father, then did his conscious get to him, and he could not live with his deceit, and/or stand up to his father? Who knows, and at this point, who cares, as Joe Biden may feel the pain he may have ultimately caused; but we know this apple fell at the feet of a wanton and hubris ego of a tree, whose days are number too. When a man is as evil as Beau Biden, you do not wish him peace. He did not make an attempt to right his wrong, as the loss of one more, just breaks down the evil convoy that has been rolling over good and innocent people and their families because of the obsession for pride and power.... Read about King Nebuchadnezzar and what happened to him!
  2. It's been a few years since I last visited your blog. But I thought of you when this corrupt jerk died. It's very difficult to find sympathy -- I am sad for his family, but grateful for the rest of us that we don't ever have to see this criminal ascend to any future government offices. I will always believe you, Larry, and I won't ever forget how the Bidens and Obama unlawfully imprisoned you in violation of your most basic and sacred protected Constitutional rights. I am glad you get the last word with Beau Biden. ;)
  3. Larry, When I first heard of Biden's passing, I thought of you and the hell he and this regime put you through. While I would never take pleasure in his passing, it just proves that karma's a real beatch; it truly does come back to you.
  4. Larse
    When I heard about Beau Biden's death I also thought of you Larry. I think about you often and I pray you are happy and your health is good. I hope someday the world hears your story and knows what pain you endured by this administration and all their cronies. The truth will come out about Obama someday. I have to believe that. God Bless