A Quick Update on Whats Going On

With the New Year here so many have emailed me asking what I am up to, so I wanted to give a quick update here and will be posting more on the website soon.

The book When One Man Stands is still being put together, sometimes life gets in the way of even the best laid plans. But it will be released in the near future for sure.

I am currently making the arrangements necessary for moving, as I am, at 53 years old finally setting my roots (feet) a little deeper into a foundation that will have me settled down more than I have ever been in my life. That move involves some very extensive renovations that I have been completely dedicated to and hopefully will have completed by the end of this month.

The truth of the matter is my art collection has grown bigger than the wall space I currently have in the apartment, so I committed to moving into a 3 bedroom house which gives me so much more wall space to hang things! lol It also comes with a lot of work to do. If all goes as planned I hope to have a more detailed post on the website by the end of this week.

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