A Flag Did Not Shoot-Up Charleston Church: This is Not The America I Dream Of

Being a South Carolinian by birth I can say I am totally disgusted with the politics and self serving interest of those who are using the tragic deaths of nine people holding Bible study in the Charleston, SC Church by the inexcusable, evil act of one Dylann Roof for their own benefit. In the New York Times initial reports the reporters themselves turned this tragedy into white vs black or black vs white with terms such as "...a thorn in the side of the white body," in describing the Church history. What I am about to say here will without doubt cause some to get angry but someone has to address the cold hard truths that we face today and how politicians, self appointed civil rights leaders (some of who have a history of racist rants and acts themselves) have taken this tragedy and turned it into a political rallying cry.

On June 17, 2015 Dylann Roof did enter the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, SC with the specific intent to kill people. The pure evil that it takes for one individual to carry out such an act regardless of what they believe is justification for it is beyond my understanding. There is no excuse of any kind that can excuse such an act. But it is important to remember, Dylann Roof, not a flag which flies at the SC State Capitol or anywhere else, committed this act.

Are we really going to try and erase history or re-write it to fit the desires of some? Being South Carolina born and raised I must admit I never saw the Confederate Flag as anything other than a piece of history which was a way of life in a certain period of time. The Flag I do not see as representing hate, or inciting hate, or anything else. It is and was the flag which was at a certain time in our history flown to represent the Confederacy. The #Takeitdown campaign has been turned into yet another manufactured political and self serving mission of those seeking to further their own political careers and or make a name for themselves in the ever changing civil rights movement. The flag did not slap Dylann Roof upside the head and order him to kill the nine people in a Charleston Church.



If we are going to address the hate and racism that is taking hold across the country then lets face it honestly and head on. The black racism against white was clearly represented in the Baltimore unrest when young black men where attacking white media members telling them "get out of our city, we don't need the white media here."

Eric Sheppard, self proclaimed "terrorist against white people"

Eric Sheppard, self proclaimed "terrorist against white people"

Lets address the recently glorified and honored self proclaimed "terrorist against white people" Eric Sheppard who calls for the killing of all white people. Change the words from white to black and would this not be somewhat similar to what Dylann Roof is alleged to have written? Click on Sheppard photo below and read the entire rant. The Justice Department is reported to be ready to file hate crime charges against Roof as "tool to demonstrate Justice will go after anyone who engages in hate," but is this not political as well? The Ft Hood, TX shooting was classified as work place violence and took years to get the Obama Administration to acknowledge it was an act of domestic terrorism. Not 12 hours after Roof opened fire and nine people who for all intents and purposes represented the best of Charleston, SC Justice announced the crime could be classified as domestic terrorism. Lets address these issues, but lets do so openly, honestly without dismissing one and condemning the other.

Sheppard said he won’t surrender to “any white man.”

“Many still question the possibility of my surrendering to the people who call themselves ‘authorities,’” he wrote. “To give you a simple answer, No. I will not turn myself over to any white man.”

He went on a tirade, declaring his intention to murder white people and encouraging others to do so as well.

“This will Cost You all YOUR Lives,” he wrote. “What You say I am “guilty” of is Bringing a Weapon on the Valdosta State University campus, Threatening White People and All who Aid their White Supremacist Structure and Stepping on Your dirty rag that you call ‘Old Glory’. Well it is Us the Victims of the Actions enforced under that Symbol that Will Glorify Our Triumph over Your Sick Race.”

SheppardHe quoted New Black Panther Party chairman and former Nation of Islam leader, Kallid Abdul Muhammad, in saying “we give them 24 hours to get out of town by sundown.”

“I say, if they don’t get out of town, we kill the white men, we kill the white women, we kill the white children, we kill the white babies, we kill the blind whites, we kill the crippled whites, we kill the crazy whites, we kill the fa**ots, we kill the lesbians, I say god dammit we kill ’em all,” Sheppard wrote.

If they are white kill ‘em all,” he wrote.

He ended his rant by quoting YouTube “race warrior” Sara Suten Seti who said their mission is to “Mission is to Slay the Children of this [White] Beast One by Goddamn One!”

Despite the Baltimore Police Officers involved in Freddy Greys death being both white and black, the Mayor of the City stands behind race baiter extraordinaire Al Sharpton shouting she along with two other black women would get justice for Freddy and rid the Police department of its racist officers. Honesty is the only way true meaningful discourse and change will come about in a lasting manner.

We still in the day of social media and the biased employees of Wikipedia are calling Michael Brown a victim of excessive force despite the fact that Brown's (at some 6 foot4? and almost 300 pounds) DNA was found on the officers gun and inside the Police car. We are not fighting for truth and equality we are trying to define what we want to be seen as truth and equality to fit our narrative at the time. It seems some are fighting for treatment that is administered one way for one group and another way for another group. We are not fighting for equality for all because if we were we would not be designating one group over another as being a protected class. You can argue that based on history protected class status is needed, but when doing so you also have to accept the fact that protected classes are not equality for all.

What took place in Charleston Wed June 17, 2015 was one evil individual who for whatever reason made his decision to shoot these nine innocent victims. Roof made his decision, Roof carried out his act of pure evil. The Confederate Flag didn't.

With the turning of this act into a rally cry to remove the Confederate Flag has consequences beyond South Carolina. CNN Host is now calling for the removal of the Jefferson Memorial in DC because Jefferson owned slaves. Just yesterday a Statute in Orlando Florida which is a memorial to Confederate Soldiers is now under attack and a democrat Mayor who is seeking re-election announces he is open to calls to remove it?

History is just that. We have memorials, monuments across the country memorializing people and events that some might find offensive but we don't go and remove them. I had one time believed that in my lifetime we would become a country where our actions were not based on what color our skin was, I guess I expected more than what was possible?

Leave the Flag alone and hold the evil of Dylann Roof for Dylann Roof to answer for. The Nine people who lost their lives in their Church deserve to have their lives mean something real, honest and lasting.




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  1. Excellent article, Larry: So, in your journalistic opinion, is there any way of effectively turning the present federal 'progressive', 'statist' government around so that decent citizens and small businesses are supported rather than intimidated by same? Many people are really tired of Supreme Court justices creating law rather than interpreting law. Many people are really tired of Congress twiddling their thumbs while the executive branch does anything and everything it wants to, regardless of constitutional mandates and constraints. I use the word "effectively" for good reason... Joe