5 Years Ago Yesterday April 27, 2016

Every year since April 27, 2011 I can't help but remember the first time in my life where a weather system had me so concerned that I put my keys, wallet, laptop and medicine in one spot and sat on the floor in a corner with a mattress ready to cover me.

I was living on the TN-GA line between Chattanooga, TN and Ringgold, GA. I had watched as the sky above me turned to the strange shade of blackish grey and watched from the deck of my apartment as the sky and everything around me had become eerily still. Literally the clouds had become one and it felt as if every ounce of air had been sucked up and out of the area. I was one of the lucky ones as I didn't lose power yet just 2 miles away the EF4-5 Tornado was ripping semi trucks off I-75 and the entire top floors off of Hotels.

My neighbors and I were the lucky ones as we stayed dry and unscathed. On April 28, 2011 I walked out of my apartment to find debris and photos from peoples homes that were hit by the Tornado the night before hanging in the tress and scattered across the ground.

My friends who live in the area are well and for the most part lives are back to normal for most people. But 5 years later some people are still struggling to rebuild their lives and their homes.

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