239 Years Later & A New Revolutionary War Is Coming

Tomorrow marks 239 years since we as a nation declared our independence from British rule and being told what we can say, think, believe, do or practice. Yet 239 years later we are again being told what to say, think, believe, practice, do.

Many will argue that Americans have the right to freedom of speech, but they will also argue your speech is not allowed if it be speech they do not agree with. Many will argue Americans have the right to freedom of religion, but they will argue and sue if your religious beliefs do not agree with what they or the government says is the Christian way. We can no longer have prayer in schools in this country yet we have laws that protect and mandate Muslim schools and students be allowed to conduct prayers on property and during school hours?

We are supposed to be a nation where one can hold their own opinions and beliefs but that too is not the case anymore. Just take the current effort to ban the Confederate Flag and remove statues across the country that were erected in memory of fallen confederate soldiers. Just two days ago a local NAACP Chapter president told an Orlando FL news reporter that people in Plant City, FL holding parades and protest against Wal-Mart for removing Confederate Flags from its stores "this causes us great concern and we are looking into how we need to best respond to this type of gathering. These people have not done enough to distance themselves from Charleston shooter when they do this kind of thing." Really, now the NAACP who championed for self-proclaimed terrorist Eric Sheppard is going to say that anyone who displays or openly admits to being proud of their "heritage" is now in the same little box as a deranged sorry excuse for a human being as Dylann Roof? A Flag did not walk into the Charleston Church and start shooting people.

We have a nation 239 years old that is on the verge of another civil war that will not be played out with State against State or the North vs South, that will not be defined by armies but instead will be people killing people because we have a government that has actively engaged in turning citizen against citizen. We are now re-writing our very history and trying to whitewash it because one says this or that offends them? I am so tired of people feeling they have to publicly announce how many black friends they have in defending their belief that the confederate flag is not a racist symbol. I am even more exhausted from having to sit back and hear the "N" word spewed from the mouths of the very people who say it is a racist and hateful word all day long walking through Wal-Mart, down the street and yes even sitting on my front porch.

We continue to argue we seek equality for all while at the same time enact laws designating one group or another a protected class. How exactly is that equal?

Just this past week a friend who is a minister (of what I would say has to be one of the most welcoming church families you will ever meet) who was attacked on Facebook and called names and accused of hating gays because he posted A great country now accept a Sinful behavior to become law....

We cannot debate morality with an immoral society. Our opinions and opinions of others indeed matter especially with social media. But the Sovereign God is not taken by surprise by man's behavior. In fact, it awakens the true believer to engage the society with the gospel which transforms lives to an eternal perspective. My aim is to be a heralder of truth, not on loosely based opinions, but rather firmly rooted in the context of Scriptures which is the only source to change the course of fallen man.

So much for the freedom of religion and expression 239 years later.

We are supposedly celebrating our Independence tomorrow yet I ask what Independence? We have become more dependent on our government. We are now told what we can grow, what we can drive, what we can build, what we can say, what we can think, what we can believe, and what we can do. We are told what we have to pay if we want to run a business, what we have to provide, what we can or cannot do to discipline our children. We are told what we can or cannot display on our own property, we are told what kind or water service we have to use, what type of electric service we have to use.

We have a president who invited a transgender undocumented illegal alien activist to the White House and then told him/her "you are in my house," and we as Americans let that slide by despite the White House being OUR house? We have a president who celebrates a thug who attacked a Police Officer memorializing him in front of TV cameras? We have a president who regularly sits and breaks bread with a race baiting tax cheat while talking about how everyone else needs to pay their fair share? We have a president who uses the "N" word but that's okay because he considers himself to be black and it's okay for blacks to use the word?

We are all victims, victims of a government that has continually stripped us of every liberty we claim to be celebrating tomorrow.

So are we really 239 years later celebrating our Independence or are we in fact more dependent now than we were 239 years ago?

There is a change coming, and it may very well be another revolutionary war to take back the very freedoms that today we claim to celebrate yet no longer have. This is not going to be a white vs black, or black vs brown, or brown vs yellow, or yellow vs red, this is going to be an all vs the government which has become far too controlling of the very liberties we claim to celebrate on the 4th of July.

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    Spot on..... Larry