15 Years Later & A Generation Has No Clue

Today marks 15 years since the 9/11 attacks on the US. For me I was in my bed at home in Sacramento, CA when a friend who was staying with me while working a night job woke me to tell me we were under attack. Yet we have an entire generation already that weren't even alive when the attacks happened and depending on the parents and the individual school systems many in that new generation have no clue what 9/11/2001 means to those who suffered loss in it or who watched live on tv in complete horror of what they were seeing play out before their eyes.


Both Good and bad came out of this date in history. On one hand we came together like never before as a people and a nation; while at the same time we allowed the unknown to cause us to believe what our leaders proposed in the Patriot Act was in our best interest as well as going into Iraq. We know now the Patriot Act has allowed our own citizens to be spied on and allowed Presidents to sign death warrants on citizens who never had a day of due process before our "Commander In Chief" ordered the murder by drone of US Citizens.

We have to understand that even with the horrific losses we suffered and witnessed on 9/11/2001 our resolved should have also been considered before we give politicians the power to order the execution of anyone, regardless of what they are accused of until they have been found guilty by a court of law and a jury of their peers.

To this day I feel for those who lost family and friends in the attacks, just as I feel for us as a nation that while standing strong together we allowed our own principles and protection of all to be circumvented and dismissed based on the judgement of a single person.

Today we have a President who has had no problem ordering the execution of accused citizens without them ever being charged or tried while he questions and overturns the convictions of those tried and found guilty because he feels too many Black Americans are in or prison system for crimes that they were charged with, tried on and convicted of. In the last 8 years we as a nation have refused to acknowledge the number of innocent people especially children who have been murdered by American Drone by Barack Obama.

Yes 9/11/2001 left it's mark on us there is no arguing that. But can we say with honesty that that mark has brought out the best or the worst of us? We wouldn't sit back and watch in silence if a drone killed Americans who were simply accused of a crime in our cities so why do we do just that for those being killed without due process somewhere else?

Fifteen years later and I still find myself asking if we have demonstrated our best or our worst since that day that we clearly came together at our best. To be fair and honest I would have to say it is a little bit of both.

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