You can be proud at launching Aunt Rhody and know that this was the beginning of many adventures.

Our journey is marked by a great friendship-

God bless you, my friend

Thornton Parsons, Author, Teacher, Friend

Larry Sinclair is "a bulldog workaholic upfront slugging non-perfect human."


Tomas Ojeda , USMC

The Many Faces of Lawrence Wayne Sinclair....by Sandi LoBue

As they say a cat has nine lives, there are as many if not more facets to Larry Sinclair........


As a Human Being.... he is passionate about fighting for the underdog. Larry will go to the ends of the earth for the causes he believes in. Tirelessly getting the word out to the public about the needs of the underprivileged; environmental issues, and political disparity. He is relentless in bringing attention to the injustices of the world.


larryAs a Man...one of the bravest individuals I have ever known. Larry has faced many personal persecutions throughout his life, never backing down but dealing with each obstacle head on. Never losing his integrity nor taking the "easy road".


larry (2)As a Friend.. what can I say; he will make you laugh, he will make you cry. Never afraid to speak the truth and certainly never sugar-coating a problem just to make you feel better. You will never find a more loyal friend. When he feels a person getting "too needy", he will back away, teaching you to stand on your own, but always letting you know he will be there to catch you if you fall. His quick sense of wit has brought many smiles and laughter into my life, especially during my darkest hours.


larry (3)If I go a few days without speaking to Larry or if he withdraws from the world as he sometimes does, I truly feel a loss. A day without Larry is like a day without sunshine. I love this man and am proud to call him "friend".







Sandi LoBue, Property Manager